Payment API

Seamlessly initiate wire payments from within your product. Your customers will never have to leave your platform for a money transfer ever again.

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API Based Payments

Connect any bank account

Dapi integrates with multiple banks across different regions via a single connection. This simple process reduces costs and delivers a superior user experience.


A single, seamless integration ensures that you're up and running in no time.

Secure and Reliable

Bank level security ensures that your users' privacy is never compromised.


Significantly cheaper than credit and debit card transfers.

Simple Real Time Payments:

Payments initiated in real time

Low Risk

No risk of chargebacks or fraud.

How does it work?

Customers transfer funds from their bank accounts directly into yours. No settlement delay or chargebacks.

Initiate Payment

Initiate payment through your user’s linked bank account.

Receive Money

Once your user’s bank account completes the transfer, they can receive their money.

Dapi Connect API

Customers transfer funds from their bank accounts directly into yours. No settlement delay or chargebacks.

Simplify the hassle of adding funds to an e-wallet with quick bank account integration.

Verify your customers' identity with detailed account and transaction information and enable automatic bank transfers for investment accounts.”

Allow your customers to choose their preferred payment methods and process their purchases quickly and efficiently.

Automate your business payments with fast, cost-effective money transfers.

Reduce administrative time required for payroll processes and enable seamless payments to all of your employees.

Built with love – for developers, by developers

We're a team of passionate engineers who obsess over sleek, robust, and flexible integration. We have made banking easy for you with simple integration and clear documentation guides to ensure that you can get up and running in no time

Create Transfer
"appSecret": "9bb31d270f20...",
"userSecret": "RsBWHEIRXsFQ...",
"sync": true,
"amount": 100
"senderID": "h7Fee6GogM+h..."
"receiverID": "12jedie6GogM..."
"jobID": "52852b3a-9d7e-4284-8ec0-b510b627b07f",
"success": true,
"status": "done",
"reference": "T0823479832"

Create Transfer

You can now make it possible for your users to top up directly from their bank, while displaying real time balances across all of their accounts.

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