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Track, reconcile, and transfer money from all of your bank accounts in one place.

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Recon is a Real-Time Snapshot of your Business's Cash Flow

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Account Balance
View all of your account balances in real-time
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Reconciled Payments
Track incoming and outgoing reconciled payments
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Monitor all outgoing transfers to vendors or customers
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Expected Payments
See all of your upcoming expected payments
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View all of your bank account transactions categorized by bank in real-time
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Data Visualization
View your account activity with easy to understand graphs

Automatic Reconciliation

Automatically Reconcile payments instantly. Payments are automatically matched to transactions the instant they are received.

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    Our API allows you to effortlessly create expected payments
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    Easily monitor an expected payment’s status in Recon
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    When your bank posts a transaction, it's instantly matched to the payment record


Initiate payments easily within Recon to vendors and customers with a minimal workforce in payment operations.

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    Programmatically execute refunds and top-ups to your customers
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    Set up Counterparties to receive a payment
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    Easily automate payments to vendors
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    Monitor and execute your payments in one place


Keep Counterparty details for your vendors and customers in one place.

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    Create Counterparty records within Recon
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    Add a Counterparty to a specific transaction
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    Initiate debits and credits for each Counterparty

Team Controls

Customizable team controls to keep your payment operations secure.

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    Add your team to Recon
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    Create custom permissions for your team
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    Add team members and set up approval rules
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    Monitor all activity with Recon's audit log

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