Open-Source Open Banking API for All Your Fintech Needs

Ultimate solutions for all your fintech needs. Connect multiple banks, initiate money transfers, and securely store funds in one robust, easy-to-use API.

Single Developer Platform with a Suite of Payment Infrastructure APIs for Your Fintech Needs

Open Banking

Experience seamless financial connectivity and global coverage by accessing and aggregating financial data from over 11,000 financial institutions across US, Latam & MENA, empowering you to create personalized financial experiences for your customers.

Open Banking Payments

Initiate seamless bank payments.

ACH Auth

Retrieve account and routing numbers.

Data Aggregation

Access bank transaction history.


Obtain user information.

Balance verification

Real time balance checks


Streamline your payment operations and improve cash flow management with our advanced, secure, and user-friendly treasury management.


Streamlined incoming and outgoing transaction matching.

Disbursement & automated payouts

Effortless, scheduled payments and fund distribution.

Virtual accounts and wallets

Access bank transaction history.

Ledger and accounting integration

Seamless financial data sync and accounting software integration.


Launch and grow your fintech banking applications using our Banking-as-a-Service solution, providing an all-inclusive range of financial services to simplify development and accelerate deployment.

Bank accounts and wallet

Create and manage virtual accounts and wallets for streamlined financial operations.

Card issuance

Launch, issue, ship, and manage your own debit or credit card program.


Easily transfer funds between accounts using Wires, ACH, and Checks for seamless transactions across various payment rails.

Crypto-on Ramp

Easily integrate cryptocurrency transactions into your business with bank payments, providing your customers with a smooth on-ramp experience.

US crypto on-ramp

Easy US-based crypto adoption and transactions.

Global crypto on-ramp

Open-source borderless International crypto on-ramp with Oramp protocol.

Start your next level.

Dapi's API is developer-friendly, providing easy-to-use documentation, SDKs, and libraries for different programming languages.

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