Dapi System V2

Ria Golovakova
January 15, 2021
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2 min

Version 2 of Dapi’s systems brings with it a number of improvements that will make your integration process and continued use of our services easier and faster.

We have made a number of improvements to our backend in order to serve you better. We have improved the time that each API call spends on our system by moving from JavaScript to GoLang. This allows us to use fewer resources and scale our infrastructure better. This cuts our processing time by one-third! In addition, these changes to our system bring the following improvements:

  • Parallel processing
  • More stability
  • Better testing
  • Better detection of errors
  • Better logs

We have also added caching. This allows us to fetch information faster by utilizing short-term storage, so that consecutive calls with our API don’t need to access the same endpoints over and over again. This change will cut the money transfer processing time down up to two-thirds!

Finally, the most exciting change is the introduction of our new product, Deploy with Dapi. Deploy with Dapi will allow you to integrate with us faster than ever before. The new integration process may take as little as two or three hours. How can we do this? Deploy with Dapi introduces three main changes:

  • Adding new endpoints that require less data input and do more processing for you, decreasing the amount of logic you need to code into your application.
  • Reducing back-end requirements — you no longer need to handle any data or backend work, Deploy with Dapi will take care of everything for you.
  • Queuing of requests to eliminate errors related to banks’ inability to handle parallel processing.

With these changes, you as a client no longer need to handle any bank-related logic (such as beneficiary creation or payment initiation) or bank-related exceptions, instead you can focus on building your application while we make financial data and payments work for you. Both APIs will be available for the foreseeable future and transition to V2 will be smooth even for clients that don’t use the SDK. The clients that are using our SDK will simply have to update the SDKs to use Dapi’s new system. Dapi engineers will be working with clients during the transition process to make the process as easy as possible.

Written by:
Ria Golovakova