Meet One of Dapi’s Customers, Denarii Cash

Ria Golovakova
May 7, 2021
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For Jon Santillan, the problem was clear: sending money back home was too difficult. As a Filipino expat living in the United Arab Emirates for over 15 years, he struggled to find a way to send money back home to his family. He needed an alternative, a method that would be fast, cheap, and convenient.

Jon wasn’t the only one needing such a service – thousands of overseas workers living in the Gulf struggle with sending remittances home to the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and many other countries. So Jon decided to solve the problem himself: in 2018, he quit his job and started Denarii Cash.

Denarii Cash began by offering two ways to send money: through a credit or debit card and direct bank transfers. However, transferring money with a card is expensive. On the other hand, direct bank transfers, while cheap, were inconvenient and required users to manually enter bank information every time they wanted to send money. Denarii Cash needed a better way to enable bank transfers.

Thankfully, Denarii Cash found Dapi. Dapi’s product allowed Denarii Cash to automate direct bank transfers. Once they integrated their app with Dapi’s payment service, Denarii Cash’s customers could connect their bank account and seamlessly transfer money directly through their application.

This partnership was a success: after two months of using Dapi, Denarii Cash completely removed the card payment option from their application. Now Denarii’s users transfer money using either Dapi’s service or cash. Thanks to the lack of card fees with Dapi’s payment solution, Denarii Cash and its users both save money with every transaction.

To Jon, success having more Filipinos and other Gulf workers using Denarii Cash to safely and easily send money back home. He says: "Dapi has been a great solution for Denarii and its customers. It helped us to provide a seamless payment flow allowing our customers to make a transfer in terms of seconds and in a reliable way."

The users are incredibly satisfied with the money transfer solution offered by Dapi and Denarii Cash. Saving money is one of the main benefits of the service: “Being an expat for 10 years, I have always preferred an option that provides a better exchange rate in less fees for money transfer” says Arnel Espero Jake.

Another key feature is the mobility that comes with bank account integration. Another user, Samantha Serrano, shares her experience as follows: “Being a busy worker in the UAE, I do not find much time to go to the exchange houses to send money. But Denarii Cash has brought ease in my life. Now I can send money anytime from anywhere.”

Denarii Cash is currently working on integrating more regions and already supports the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Dapi supports them in every step of the way, making sure the transfers are as seamless as they can possibly be.

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Ria Golovakova